Line for reworking cylinder blocks

Initial situation and remit

Cylinder blocks with 4, 6 and 8 cylinders run through our customer's engine block production in a line. These first needed to be checked and, if necessary, finished on a rework line with subsequent end controls at the same time. MSB had to connect 7 workplaces performing different tasks with each other and integrate these into the overall production. The cycle time was specified at 20 seconds and the maximum time to change an engine block was set at 2.4 seconds.


The system takes the various engine blocks from an automatic processing centre and feeds them fully automatically to the individual workplaces. Given the said cycle times, MSB integrated buffer zones between the 7 work places to achieve a certain degree of flexibility. The end control of the engine blocks involves inspecting these from all sides. For this purpose, several turning or tilting stations are arranged along the rework line, where the engine blocks are brought into the respective new position. A vibrating trough is additionally located at the end of the rework line to remove any blasting sand or other soiling that may remain. The option of integrating an automatic palletizing station using robots to stack the engine blocks on Euro pallets at a later stage has already been prepared.

The existing plant control system and the new line from MSB communicate via an interface. In addition, the engine blocks to be processed are recognised automatically, which allows the individual handling devices to be supplied with the correct processing programs for the exact work piece. Data is furthermore tracked from workplace to workplace including NOT OK markings.

All workplaces are ergonomic. They conform to the current machinery directives and to the current state of safety engineering. Power supplies, energy supplies, air, places to deposit tools and other details were determined and specified jointly with the customer.

Design of the system

  • Takeover different engine blocks from an automatic processing centre
  • Interface to the existing plant control system
  • Automatic type recognition of the engine blocks to be processed, incl. programs stored for the individual handling devices
  • Data tracking incl. NOT OK marking etc. for individual engine blocks from workplace to workplace
  • Option to integrate an automatic palletizing station using robots to stack the engine blocks onto EURO pallets

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