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High rack stores for heavy loads


Initial situation and remit

Stainless steel vessels used to prepare liquids by our customer in Germany had previously been set down more or less randomly in the production halls wherever there was space. It had always been a tiresome, time-consuming job finding the vessels again and transporting them for further processing.


Working together with our customer, we designed and implemented a single aisle high-rack stores including a storage and retrieval vehicle. This also included the upstream and downstream conveying elements to put items into stock and retrieve them from the high rack stores.

The vessels to be put into storage are placed on a conveyor belt at the edge of the high-rack stores by the stacker driver. The vessels are subsequently digitally identified and measured and put into stock fully automatically in the high-rack stores.

The vessels are likewise removed from stock fully automatically in accordance with defined ageing and retention times upon request by the customer's SAP system. The system provides the unit load at the different stock retrieval points referred to department. They are taken off here by the stacker and sent for further processing.

The items stored in the high rack are reconciled in real time between MSB's control system and the customer's SAP system via an interface and a redundant stock is kept. Due to the high availability demanded, emergency operation - even without SAP - is possible at any time.

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