Automatic system for stacking rolled sections


Initial situation and remit

Our customer in Germany produces over 50 different rolled sections, which vary greatly in cross-section, length and weight per metre. These were to be sorted, destacked, strapped and weighed fully automatically by a new stacker system and subsequently transported for further processing.


The rolled sections up to 26 metres in length are first aligned on our special conveying system and are then taken to 6 heavy duty robots in a line. These lift the rolled sections synchronously and arrange them into different stacking patterns on the basis of specified packing patterns. Electric magnets are used to lift the sections.

The stacks are also transported for strapping absolutely synchronously between the transfer elements arranged in parallel and the control system. The installation was deliberately designed in 2 parts to not only allow sections up to 26 metres in length to be handled, but to also work with sections up to 13 metres long in parallel in both halves of the system at the same time.

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