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A holistic approach to planning


Conveying lines, transport solutions, packaging installations or storage systems from MSB are tailor-made, unique specimens, all of which are fully and individually adapted to the needs of our customer's production facilities. That is why we always ask the same key question when it comes to planning new systems or extending existing ones:

How can systems from MSB make our customers' production processes more efficient, flexible and cost-effective?

It is only when we have satisfactorily answered this question together with our customers that the real planning work can begin. Digital simulations of material flows enable us to depict production and logistics processes on the computer and to predict the efficiency of transport and storage processes. This avoids costly planning mistakes.

In the subsequent detailed planning phase, we prepare the necessary construction plans using the latest 3-D software and inform you of the associated manufacturing costs. These detailed plans form the basis for our customers to make their decisions. We have often been told that this degree of detail during the consultation stage is quite unparalleled.

Modernising existing systems

Apart from planning and constructing new systems, it goes without saying that we at MSB also plan and implement extensions or conversions to existing systems. Our many years of experience in this field enable us to offer such services independent of the manufacturer of the existing parts. In this context, we make use of a tried-and-tested modular system, for example, which can be flexibly applied even to older conveyor lines or transport systems. However, the planning process at MSB also allows new system elements to be constructed at any time.

Trial operation at the production site

A holistic approach to planning also includes the practical testing of central components or even the complete system at our production works in Düren. As our production facilities are generously sized, most of our products can be pre-assembled in our works and the system put into electrical operation. This reduces inconvenience at the actual installation site because we are able to perform extensive trail runs on our own premises.

This can take up to one minute.

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