Chain conveyors

Precise transport – even for odd-shaped goods

Chain conveyors from MSB transport your unit- load reliably and without relative movement between the goods and the device. This is important if the bottoms of the goods being conveyed are uneven. However, normed goods (such as pallets or vessels) can also be moved by single- string or multi- string conveyors. This may be necessary to keep to a pre-defined transport speed; dedicated carriers or locking devices are then installed on the conveying chains to ensure secure fastening. All MSB chain conveyors transport your piece goods weighing between 50 kilograms and 30 tons carefully and reliably.

A selection of the variants for MSB's chain conveyors:

  • Standard chains pursuant to DIN 8187
  • Suspension clip conveyor chains
  • Conveyor chains supported by plastic or (hardened) steel bars
  • Individual solutions for tensioning with automatic chain tensioning units
  • Driven by a common drive shaft with flanged-on geared motor or by a separate transmission
  • Automatic lubrication equipment

If you want to move your unit- load precisely and reliably, but at the same time are reluctant to do without the accumulating function of a roller conveyor, our MSB accumulating conveyor chains are the perfect solution: your unit- load moves at the speed of the chain during transport. As soon as an accumulating function has been reached, the chain runs on below the goods. This is made possible by the movable conveyor rollers, which are also responsible for the accumulating pressure on your unit- load. This same accumulating pressure ensures that your goods are transported onwards quickly once they have been released again.

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