Lowerators and lift tables

Transporting your goods vertically

Lowerators and lift tables from MSB are deployed to lift or lower goods vertically from one level of production to another. They carry packets, vessels, paper rolls, coils or pallets quickly and reliably at up to 2 m/s.

The lifting frames of MSB's lowerators or lift tables can be fitted and combined with all common conveyor elements:

Free-standing or fixed at building construction

  • Vertical conveyors from MSB are free-standing and only anchored to the floor. They can thus be deployed everywhere that there are no steel structures or other parts of a building which can bear loads.
  • In contrast, the lifting frame on MSB's lift tables moves vertically up and down at a guiding frame. The frame is anchored to the building or to a steel structure.

Depending on the requirements, our lowerators and lift tables are driven by an open chain or belt system. Counterweights can be used to reduce the power consumption. In case of particularly heavy loads, we recommend the use of rope drums. When the lifting movement starts, they ensure that the goods are conveyed gently and slowly.

Depending on the purpose of use and the customer's needs, we protect our vertical conveyors and lift tables partly or completely with woven wire mesh, perforated sheet or insulated cladding in accordance with the prevailing industrial safety regulations.

Transport your goods weighing up to 15 tons with vertical conveyors lowerators and lift tables from MSB.

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