giesserei modernisierung


Modernisation of a foundry conveying system

Initial situation and remit

MSB's remit was to revamp an existing transport system. This included several drying ovens, a shuttle car, a multitude of chain tracks, roller conveyors and several ejection stations (manual workplaces). A new base plate washing machine was to be installed, whilst the remaining parts of the system were to be converted and re-arranged. The plant control system was also to be replaced and the parts of the plant which were no longer needed had to be completely dismantled and properly disposed of.


MSB retrofitted the existing roller conveyors, shuttle cars and various other components and re-assembled them in the re-arranged conveying system. Our engineers tailored these to meet the changed requirements of the customer during the detailed planning process. In doing so, we revised the entire safety concept and brought it up to the state-of-the-art. Particular attention was paid to providing the best protection for the workers, whilst keeping the access concept as open as possible.

We implemented the new design in 2 construction phases, both under great pressure of time, and commissioned the newly modernised plant. A great challenge here was to coordinate with the other time-critical work, such as building renovation, air extraction, hydraulics, gas and general media lines.

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