Corrugated board paper

Connecting a new paper machine and implementing a logistics concept

Initial situation and remit

Another paper machine was added to our customer's corrugated board paper production facilities in Hungary. The existing transport line needed to be extended and modernised for this reason. Apart from transporting the paper rolls from production to new intermediate storage system, the opposite way should also be possible in future: in addition, rolls should be able to be transported via the roll transport system from the warehouse to the corrugated board production department for internal converting.


The rolls are taken over from the behind the paper machines fully automatically and placed on the conveying line. Both transport lines come together in one line. From there they are taken to a fully automated roll warehouse, where they are put into stock and retrieved by 4 crane-operated vacuum lifters.

When the rolls need to be loaded onto a truck, they are placed back on the conveyors by the crane system. Stacks of up to 2 rolls can be built here and they can also be temporarily buffered. Using the roll tracking, the roll transport system then automatically takes the charges to the handover points foreseen for loading.

For the purpose of integration into the existing production facilities, our MSB control system communicates fully automatically with the data processing system, the warehouse management system stores and with the controls of the winders.

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