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Slat Conveyors

Careful, reliable transport

Slat Conveyors from MSB are the specialists amongst the chain conveyors. They are particularly well suited for carefully transporting paper rolls, castings, engine blocks or other goods with uneven bases which may not be subject to external forces. Basis for a continuous conveying chain are our MSB chain conveyors: the plates required are bolted or welded onto the chains. We individually adapt the plates at MSB to suit the goods to be moved and thus ensure optimum hold and reliable transport:

Plate contourDeployment (examples)
Plain Paper rolls, pallets, engine blocks
Moulded Paper rolls in lying position
Nested Castings with sprues or sand residues

Their common basis allows MSB to execute its apron belts in the same variants as our MSB chain conveyors:

  • Standard chains pursuant to DIN 8187
  • Suspension clip conveyor chains
  • Conveyor chains supported by plastic or (hardened) steel bars
  • Individual solutions for tensioning with automatic chain tensioning units
  • Driven by a common drive shaft with flanged-on geared motor or by a separate transmission
  • Automatic lubrication equipment

Depending on the loads and purpose of use, our MSB slat conveyors can be executed as single -string or multi -string conveyors and transport unit- load weighing from 50 kilograms up to 15 tons carefully and reliably.

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