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Conveying system for an irradiation installation


Initial situation and remit

Our customer in Germany disinfects cardboard cartons and the like for its clients in a electron accelerator. These cartons need to be unpacked fully automatically from Euro pallets, transported for irradiation and subsequently stacked onto a Euro pallet again and fastened. The design had to take account not only of high quantities and very short turnaround times, but special machines were also required due to the high levels of radiation and ozone.


The Euro pallets with their cartons are first transported inside the production facilities on a Euro pallet conveyor line to the unpacking station. The cartons are then unpacked layer-by-layer by a linear handling system and placed on a system pallet conveying line. They are then disinfected along this conveying line by a electron accelerator. If necessary, the batch can be turned around by integrated gyro wheel turning units so that the bottom can also be irradiated.

After irradiation treatment, the cartons are repacked onto a Euro pallet fully automatically by another linear handling system and wrapped in foil by a downstream rotary arm stretcher.

Extension for bulk goods and special components
Special components and bulk goods can also be taken to the irradiation installation by another connected route for system pallets.

Special models
Due to the high levels of radiation and ozone generated by the installation, special models were deployed in some parts of the system. Among other things, stainless steels, solid lubricants, lead bulkheads and air purging systems were deployed.

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