Gypsum Plasterboard

Linking production facilities and a logistics centre with a truck shuttle system

Initial situation and remit

Our customer in Germany operates a logistics centre which is located around 6 kilometres from its production works. Both facilities needed to be connected by a truck shuttle system, that is fed and unloaded fully automatically by a roll conveying system.


The MSB conveying system takes over the rolls from the winder fully automatically and transports them in the lying position. The rolls are then commissioned and put into intermediate storage until they are ready to be loaded onto one of the truck shuttles. The rolls can additionally be loaded onto or ejected from the conveying line at this point. Once a truck has been fully loaded, it drives to the logistics centre 6 kilometres away.

Once they have arrived there, the second part of our MSB conveying system takes over the complete truck loads and separates the board rolls. They are then transported to the handover points in the high- bay storage where they are put into stock. When they need to be retrieved, our conveying systems takes the rolls to the appropriate loading stations to be shipped to the end customer. Here they are tilted from the lying position into the upright standing position so that they can be taken up by a clamp truck.

The systems in this tailor-made conveying line communicate in all stages of the process fully automatically with the customer's own data processing system and warehouse logistics system via appropriate interfaces.

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